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My Journal ( clever eh?)
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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
8:59 pm
To anyone who cares and the ones who just read this……
To anyone who cares and the ones who just read this……

Well it’s Tuesday the 14th. It’s been exactly one week into school. Out of the 6 days school has been in… I’ve been to 4. I didn’t go today or yesterday. I’d rather be in school but well right now I can’t be I’m too sick. I’m actually feeling pretty good at the moment. But I look another pill about 20 mins ago so I’m not sure if that has kicked in yet. It’s supposed to a make me drossy so well see how that goes. Along with my stupid allergic reaction, I believe I also have a cold. So it’s just buckets of fun. I went to the doctors today and then I had to go to another doctors, which she is supposed to be extremely hard to get into like 3 months waiting, but I got in within about an hour. After seeing her I had to go to the lab to get blood taken. They took 6 vials of blood. I thought I was going to pass out. As someone who has never had blood taken before, I was a little nervous. It didn’t hurt that much but yeah it hurt more when I got home and stuff. I think there will be a nice little burse there but oh well. I hoping I feel much better tomorrow so that I can go to school. I always hate going back to school after being sick. I never know what the heck is going on. Well I was going to baby-sit tomorrow night but instead I am on Thursday and Friday after school. I was scheduled for therapy on Monday but was sick and couldn’t go and then I was re-scheduled for today and was again too sick to go. So my mom made an appointment for next week sometimes I think Monday. So hopefully I will be better by then and can go. Umm what else is there so say… lol… Listening to Rock Against Bush Vol. 2. I’m only listening to 2 songs on the CD haha. I know I’m weird lol. But oh well I really like those two songs. They are track number 13… The Unseen- Scream Out and track number 25… Dontots- Time’s Up. There are other great bands on here too but I’m kind of in whatever mood and I wanna listen to those two songs. Well I guess that’s about it. Well I’m having pudding. Hehe… it’s so good. It’s the pudding that comes in a tube. It’s so good: D:D. I’m also studying for my test tomorrow. Haha… I haven’t studied for anything in so long haha… I guess the last thing was French haha from first semester in grade 9. Haha… as I’m sure you can tell by that I’m a straight A student haha… jj. So yeah now I’m listening to Taking Back Sunday- Where You Want To Be. Track number one… Set Phasers To Stun. Awesome song, awesome CD, awesome band :D:D:D:D. So I guess that’s all folks.

Current Mood: Sick
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
5:10 pm
Okay well since I have to e-mail people and should probably do my journal too I will do it all in one. This is to say sorry to people for invading their life. I wasn’t trying to and I am really sorry. I really haven’t been thinking clearly lately and yeah. I know that’s no excuse but I am sorry and I hope that you will forgive me. For others sorry if I won’t talk to you know. Things are messed up right now so yeah. Well hmm… today I got up at 11:45am and then I got dressed and stuff and me my mom and dad went out for brunch. It was good. And then after that we came home. And since then I watched a bit of T.V. listened to some music-watched part of a DVD… and then came on the computer. I was talking to some people until people left and then I was gonna go but other people were on at the point so I talked to them and I wish I had left then but oh well can’t change the past. But yeah things kinda blew up in my face. But what else is knew. I hope things will be better when I go on tonight but I don’t know. Umm yeah so that’s about all. Just my little catch up thingy.

Current Mood: Blah
Saturday, September 11th, 2004
6:02 pm
And it goes on and on, and on and on, and on and on, and on and on,
Hey Y’all,

I’m trying to get better at writing in here. Like that will happen but oh well. I have some time now so that’s what I’m doing. Well Y’all isn’t that a great word haha it sounds like something Adam would say haha. But oh well… I love my bubble bath boy hick:P. Well right now I’m listening to Sum 41- Does This Look Infected? I haven’t listened to the CD in so long. I love it but haha I just have too many CD’s I guess. I’m totally excited about this and the next month. It’s gonna be great so many CD’s are coming out:D:D Which makes me a very happy person. Eagerly awaiting the 28th of September. In Love And Death by The Used will be out and man is it gonna be great. I’ve heard their first single after Kenneth sent it to me and “Take Me Away” is so different from The Used that I’ve grown to totally love but it’s awesome. I got a new E-mail yesterday for the subscription thingy haha from The Used and there was a new pic of them:D. The picture is totally awesome haha Branden in it looks so totally dorky in the glasses but at the same time totally hot! :D. Quinn look damn good as always and same with My homeboy ( haha) Bert and Jeph. Well today I babysat Tegan (my cousin) for a while. She is such a cute lil’ kid. We went to “The Park” haha… interesting times there… oh so interesting times there. But yeah haha she had fun playing on the slide. And then at around 3:30 we left to bring her back home and after we did I got my SLURPEE… the ultimate cool from 7 eleven so I’m happy. Hehe umm what else yeah that’s about it. Yesterday I went to therapy and that was pretty cool and my arm felt pretty good afterwards so that’s good. And then yeah I go again on Monday and yeah. I dyed my hair red on Tuesday I don’t know if I said that before but yeah. I was in such a good mood last night. I was happy… I don’t know what it was but I just had a great night:D. Well I think that’s about it for now. Not too long but oh well. I’ll spend some time e-mailing Adam haha… and like a ton more people lol. I’ve gotten so bad at that haha oh well.

Current Mood: Yeah haha I feel silly
Wednesday, September 8th, 2004
9:11 pm
Ahh well I’m writing this trying my best to stay awake. I don’t think this is gonna work out so well but oh well. I was listening to Autopilot Off but now im listening to Story Of The Year. Well right now I’m on so much stuff. I have my arm stuff, this other stuff, allergy stuff and then Ibprophine. So yeah I’m so tired at the moment. Went to GB for a few mins to get some stuff and then yeah came home. For those who care and those who don’t… I dyed my hair. It’s red… I like it. I don’t think most people do but oh well. Their problem not mine. Well at least tonight I will hopefully be able to get some sleeeeep. That would be nice :D:D. Well this is me leaving. Blah.. I'm dead....

Current Mood: Blah yet again.
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
9:52 pm
Chippy As ALWAYS :(
Uhh yeah... I dyed my hair tonight... wish I never had but oh well... in a bad mood right now and so many people I am annoyed with. I just cane take this. Ahh... fuck this... fuck life... fuck school.

Current Mood: Blah!
Monday, September 6th, 2004
8:27 pm
BLAH>>>>> ahahahah
Well I haven’t been home much this weekend or for most of the week either. I baby-sat on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday was my last day… well baby-sitting all day. Umm… after I got home on Friday I listened to music for a while until Breanne called me and we figured stuff out for that night. I ended up picked her up and we went to the mall. We got there like 6:45pm or whatever it was. We were there till 10pm when my mom and dad picked us up. We went back to my house and went on the computer for like 45 mins and chatted with a few people. Went to my room… watched t.v. watched part of Sweet Home Alabama. And then we were gonna watch Secret Window… but Breanne was like haha… you have to sleep beside the window so we played Monopoly. Yeah that was at around 1:00am. And then we listened to some music while playing. We played for a while and at around 6:40am we decided to go to bed. We played for like 6 hours haha. And then… oh yeah Saturday we got up at like 2:30 in the after-noon because my dad was picking up leaves with the stupid vacuum thingy and it was loud and ANNOYING! So yeah we had food… watched t.v. and then Breanne stayed for dinner and she got to dry the dished… haha for some reason she likes to haha. And then my dad dropped us back off at Breanne’s because I was going to sleep over. While we were walking to the garage door I hear “ Hey Melinda” and I’m like… whom the hell is it. And it was Sarah from school. So I talked to her for a few mins. Then we went inside and played on the computer for a while. Then we went to Tim Horton’s for Iced Cappuccinos! Yummy. Then played on the computer till like 7:00am or whatever. Go up in the after-noon around 2:30pm again. Ate food… played on the computer. I left… I’m my pj’s and then my dad decides he wants to go to Canadian Tire so that’s fine I stayed in the car. Then went across the street and over a bit to Home Depot and then I decided to go in… so that was fun walking around Home Depot in pj’s. Went home… didn’t do much. Oh yeah I went on the computer for a while until I had to go for the bon fire. And we left and went to Timmy’s to get stuff.. yay! Cappa. And then we got to the campground and my mom got the directions wrong from my uncle so we talked around for a while. Finally got there. Had a fire… had a good time… got a hug and a kiss from tic tac… yay! She’s so cute. And I get to spend Saturday with her! Well today we went to Bayfield… is like between Grand Bend and Goodrich. So that was almost 2 hours there and like almost 2 hours back. Fun! When shopping’ there. Brought Cashmere with us… she got ice cream haha she liked that. Omg my mom and dad went into one store so I was outside with Cashmere and she isn’t friendly with other dogs and 2 went by and I thought I was going to land on my face haha but I didn’t so that was good. But yeah uhh listened to music there and back. There are no hot guys there… it made me sad haha I know the population is like under 1000 but still. Oh well tho. There are also NO MUSIC stores. I was horrified. I’d totally die there. Well I guess you’d just have to go to like Grand Bend or where ever to get music and clothes and stuff but oh well. I don’t live there so oh well. Well my sister got home yesterday after being away for a week. It was nice and she just left a few mins. ago. So I get the computer till 11pm hopefully. Well I think I better go take a shower and get some things together for tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be hard for me to get up so early but oh well. Yeah that’s it. Oh yeah if you read my journal can you send me a comment telling me you do. I need to be careful what I say haha.

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
9:36 pm
Well I don't think I've written in here in a few days or something haha... I don't know anymore. I don't know just kind of didn't want anyone to know how I was feeling the last few days. But last night was sweet I was talking to Jeff. It's a pretty cool guy! And bonus... he's pretty hot!! :P:D haha well yeah. Well umm yeah... Well I just asked and Breanne's gonna sleep over tomorrow ngiht well if she can haha. I don't know lol... sh'es sleeping over lol. Haha I think we're going to the mall or something... I'm talking to her now and trying to figure it out haha... oh the planning involved haha. Well I'm chatting with Breanne and Mike right now. And Andrew left to go somewhere haha. Well since the last time I wrote I went to the doctors and I have to get a perscription filled and I also ahve to go to thysio therapy. Yeah my first thing is next Friday at 3... so my mom's gonna pick me up from school and bring me there. SO yeah haha... it's been now 8 months on September 12th holy... that's so long. Well now I'm talking to Casey... he's a pretty cool guy too. Super nice to talk to. Well yeah haha. I'm gonna write more later I think... I'm bore dof this now haha.

Current Mood: Rockabillypop ha
Monday, August 30th, 2004
1:46 pm
With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse
It’s funny how life is… funny when you think of things. Funny how I was vacuuming and just had all these idea’s for lyrics. So what do I do… like always when I get idea’s I wrote them down… I have so many parts of lyrics… just a few lines here and there. One day will come and I’ll make them into real lyrics… write a whole song… finish the lines. Then start all over again where I ended up. How long can that go on? How long will I have to hide behind my lyrics and keep them all to me. Not showing anyone. Keeping my emotions bottled up because the only way I know how to express them is through lyrics and I don’t share them with anyone. Not even the one who knows me best. Blah… I don’t know why I even bother with this anymore. I don’t think anyone even reads this anymore. I think so many times that it would be just so much easier if I wasn’t here. Maybe dead… maybe just to move to another city… just to start over. Maybe even just a different school. I haven’t even started school again yet like 1 week away and I already am dreading it. I felt this was about 2 years ago. Not many people knew then but I was going to change schools because my best friend wasn’t in my classes and I was just sick of the people. The first 3 months of grade 8 for me was hell. Then after an incident happened then things got a bit better. Still all I wanted was just to leave… go away… and start over again. For whatever reason right now this song I am listening to on repeat… probably will listen to it until I get off the computer but oh well… in a weird way it helps…. Here are the songs lyrics… Senses Fail- "Free Fall Without A Parachute"

Well I had a dream last night and in my dream I took a knife to you.
I slit your throat from ear to ear
The wound was gasping for the air...your scream so clear

But every dream could never come true.
Only in my sick mind can I do these things to you.

With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse
The walls are getting smaller and I am six feet beneath the earth.
And I will be, oh I will be, just lost.

I had a dream last night and in my dream I robbed a country club.
A 5 year old tried to stop me, but I shot him through the head, and now he's dead.

But every dream could never come true.
Only in my sick mind can I do these things to you.

With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse
The walls are getting smaller and I am six feet beneath the earth.
And I will be, oh I will be, just lost.

Your heart [x4]

Oh it's better too...... Rush upon this blade
Then give into the fear in your heart.

(Your heart) These dreams never cease [x3]
(Your heart) Your heart

With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse
The walls are getting smaller and I am six feet beneath the earth.
And I will be, oh I will be, just lost.

just lost

This song is on the second CD in the Sub City Records Presents Take Action! Volume 3. The enhanced CD… track number 2. It’s a good song… they’re a pretty good band too… I’ve heard a few songs by them. Well last night I was up till 3:40am watching my New Found Glory DVD… I was bored and couldn’t fall asleep. Then my mom woke me up at 9:40am telling me to get up. So I got up and took my dog for a walk… with my CD player in pocket… listening to Summer Hero. That is such a good CD. Well I guess that’s about it for now.

Current Mood: Creative, Lost, Confused, Blah
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
2:37 pm
Today is The Day
Well this is my entry… I thought that after yesterday things would be back to somewhat normal. Guess not… I’m quite confused right now with a lot of things. Well yesterday like all Friday’s I went grocery shopping. Went to the mall to get tickets and got a purse. Came home… watched General Hospital… came on the computer for a few minutes and then left at around 4:40pm. Went to Erin’s to pick her and Amanda up to go to the French High School for a show. It was an, okay show… we spent most of the night outside. I liked the last show I went to better but oh well… still a good time. I did however hear a band that I really like. There called “Summer Hero” and yeah that’s about all I know about them haha. I got their CD last night and have been listening to it pretty much since I got home last night. It’s awesome. I also got 3 stickers and 5 pins. I couldn’t sleep last night… I must have woken up probably like 10 times or something. “So I’ll close my eyes, die in my dreams, and finally I’ll some sleep.” That’s kind of how I feel right now… lyrics taken from Summer Hero- An Empty Seat. Well yeah went to the show... had a good time… went home. Listened to music. Funny thing… my mom knocks on my door at like 12:20am or something. And I didn’t hear her because of my music but she got my attention and she’s like here and she handed me blue hair dye stuff. It’s just he stuff you wash out but it’s sweet anyways haha. I don’t know if it will even work on my hair though, since my hair is pretty dark as it is now and I’m dying it burgundy sometime soon I hope. I’ve had the dye for I don’t even know how long. Before I left for B.C. which was more then a month and 10 days now so. I guess when it happens it happens. This is so depressing. This is the second last weekend before school starts. Like ahh. But I want to see what classes I have with people and stuff but oh well. As long as I have my CD player at school I should be pretty good. But it’s totally great this year because I will have art all year. I took both art classes and I will have one each semester. Yeah I’m going sometime this coming week to register… and then I have a doctor’s appointment on like Wednesday or something like that. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably live at least a few more months if not more in pain from my arm. It doesn’t hurt all the time but you’d think that after 7 months and 16 days that it would be better. But oh well last doctor’s app. I had x-rays taken so he’s going to decide if I need therapy or not so yeah. Back to music related things like most of my entries seam to be based upon… Summer Hero… awesome band. They are like a mix between Story Of The Year, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Brand New, Letter Kills, Lostprophets, Matchbook Romance, Name Taken, Poison The Well, The Matches, and Thursday haha. If you get a chance to see them… do so. Buy there CD too, it’s HELLA RAD… and no Andrew those are not stolen words. (Like he would even read this but oh well haha) Well tonight I get to see my show… Yay! The Punk Show… Much Music… 11pm. Great show… fallowing is Loud… it’s okay but The Punk Show is awesome. Half and hour of Punk… pure genius. I haven’t watched the whole show in so long. Every Saturday it seams I sleep over at Breanne’s so yeah haha she turns it off when Alexisonfire comes on haha. She doesn’t like them haha. Well I think I’m going to end this and listen to Summer Hero and play my game… it’s awesome… Clickamania! Anyways… this is me saying chow!

Current Mood: broken, Confused, Lost, etc.
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
8:05 pm
I don't know much... I guess I don't know how....
Okay well I know in one my last entry I said I wasn’t gonna write about stuff like my dad today and yesterday but I am going to anyways. I started to read this book I had in my room just to escape from well reality… it’s actually a really good book and I really like it. But it left like the easy way out… bottle up my days until they turn to night. I spent like 2 hours at least reading. Well I don’t want to live in the shadows so here I go… Last night was weird… I talked to Wes after not talking to him in like 4-5 months… he seamed so different but at the same time just the same. Also last night I talked to Bill… wow he’s a pretty interesting person. Haha but in a good way. Talking to him last night was quite odd because he wasn’t anything like what I thought he would be like. I thought he’d be pretty shy and quiet but nah he’s pretty chattiful. Well it seams now that everything that I wanted to say has no meaning now… It feels as if everything has lost all perspective… Fells like im numb and I just cant break away. Will I ever meet my breaking point and just not care about anything anymore? Hmmm… probably… music is fading fast for me now a days… Don’t get me wrong I love music… but before like a year ago I could put a CD in and just kind of get lost in the music now… not so much. I’m not sure if it’s just that I have listened to my CD’s so many times they have lost their I guess you could call effectiveness. And well apparently I spend “ too much” on CD’s so I better stop buying them. You know what that’s just stupid… I don’t even know how he would ever say that. Yes he’s entitled to his opinion and all but like I love music and if I wanna spend how ever much money on CD’s well I’ll be dammed if your gonna stop me. Well I guess this is a typical rant from a teenager but whatever. Listening to Billy Talent- Line and Sinker… track number 4 from their self-titled debut album.
4:51 pm
The stars will cry the blackest tears tonight....
Okay so this is my entry for today…. Tuesday, August 24th, 2004. I haven’t written in here in a few days and right now I have a ton of things to tell but well I don’t think there’s even a fucking point anymore. I would however like to apologize to everyone who I have talked to today so far on msn. When I was on Breanne told me that she couldn’t go to the concert on Friday and I was sad because I really want to go. Like I know it’s not her fault and stuff but I am still sad about it. However I am going to try and figure something else out. I so wanna go on Friday and hope I can figure something out. Well right now I’m listening to Story Of The Year- Until The Day I Die… the second track from Page Avenue. Again I would like to say sorry…. To those I was a bitch to today. Anyone wanna forgive me?
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
8:38 pm
Umm... yeah...
Well I haven’t written in here in a day or so now. I was at Sammy’s for some of the weekend. Well right now I don’t feel like writing much but I guess maybe I will later on or tomorrow I guess. Listening to Crowned King- Break The Silence… track number one… Playing God. Well now I'm listening to Mest.
Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:46 pm
Funny... lol
Well right now I;m on msn and no one I really wanna talk to is on. So I guess you know who isn't on haha. Lol. Anyways guess what I watched tonight. It's a DVD... haha yup yup yup... The Used. Man... I fell in love with them as I watched it again. Haha there so great I love them. Anyways yeah that's about it. Listening to Story Of The Year- Page Avenue... track 10.. Divide And Conquor.... it's sweet. Better go now. Love yah babe haha.
4:29 pm
Aww... your not on... I'm bored...
Well this is my fourth entry I believe… I got a few comments on my last one haha. But oh well haha. Well last night I was watching T.V. in my room and I was sad to hear that Matthew Lillard was on Kimmy Kimmel Live and I missed it. I only saw like the last 10 mins of the show, which was interesting none the less haha. They had on this band… called The Dresden Dolls. The drummer was pretty hot and pretty good but the band was pretty bad well in my opinion. Well yet again last night I couldn’t find pj’s so I slept in jeans haha. I’ve decided that the reason I haven’t been able to sleep well lately is because I don’t have my pillow with me. Haha I had to leave my pillow in my grandparents car and it’s somewhere in B.C. right now. My mom wouldn’t let me take it on the plane with me haha. I did take my pillowcase tho haha I knew I couldn’t live without it…. Haha its Sylvester haha from Sylvester and Tweedy. Haha yeah I know I know make fun of me if you wish but oh well haha I love my pillowcase. I don’t even know how long I’ve had it but I have had it for as long as I can remember. Well today like all Friday’s I went grocery shopping. We were in this one store and this little boy was playing with this bouncy ball and he was only one so he was trying to pick it up and stuff so I was helping him and stuff and then we had to leave so he said ball to us. He didn’t know how to say bye but yeah haha it was so cute. Then my sister said, “ At least he didn’t say beer.” Well haha this is a story… when I was a baby apparently my second word was beer… thanks to my uncle. Well right now I’m listening to the All-American Rejects. My CD is skipping like most of them seam to like to do and it bugs me but oh well. Well today was pretty interesting my sister jinxed me and then I saw my grade 7 Geography teacher. And then my belt finally died haha. I don’t know how long I’ve had it but I used to wear it like all the time and then I stopped because it like half broke then today I was like ahh I’ll wear it and then it broke. Excitement was found when I got a rubix cube…. I have been looking for one for some time now and I got one yay! Oh yeah haha I went DT today (Down Town) and we parked underground haha… lol yes yes I know I’m a dork. I was excited anyways. Well this entry is not gonna be as long as the last so yeah that’s about it. Oh yeah I messed up my arm again… like it’s still messed from before and when we got home today guess what I did… I hit it on the stupid door. So it’s messed up again and hurts a whole lot.
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
9:10 pm
Umm.... I was bored haha!
Well I just finished dinner a little while ago and all I wanted to do was listen to The Used. I haven’t listened to this CD in so long. Last time I tried to listen to it, it kept skipping and I got mad so I put a new CD in so yeah haha brought my CD player down and am listening to it. I was on The Used’s website last yesterday and ahh I totally can’t wait till September 28th, 2004 … their new CD comes out. I’ve been waiting for it for a while now and yeah only about a month and 9 days to go. Well today was an interesting day… I baby-sat and well that was an interesting time. The one kid I baby-sit Jeremy was making kool aid and I was helping him and well I went to pour the water into the container and he didn’t put the lid to the Brita on property and well lets say WATER WENT EVERYWHERE! I got wet and wasn’t the happiest person to say the least. Later on in the day we watched the Matrix well part of it… I wanted to watch the Land Before Time cuz’ they have like all of them but they didn’t want to haha. Well when I got home from baby-sitting I watched a little T.V. before dinner then we had dinner… wow chicken yet again. My mom keeps making me chicken because they have other stuff I don’t like and I am so sick of it so I had a salad. And oh yeah LEMONADE! Haha… I love my lemonade. Well tomorrow I may have to baby-sit and I really don’t want to I need sleep. I will probably go have a nap soon... I haven’t slept well in so long, probably in Limerick. Haha wow that was a long time ago now, that was when we were on Vacation still and we went to the Limerick Hotel in Limerick Saskatchewan. I miss not being on my vacation again. Like I know I’m on summer vacation but it was great. Well last night I watched part of 10 things I Hate About You. Haha I hadn’t seen that movie in so long haha it was on T.V. so I watched it until I found something else to watch. Then I went to bed like way earlier then I usually do haha like 12:30ish in the morning. But it sucks school will be starting really soon. Well I’m listening to “A Box OF Sharp Objects” by The Used. This was the first song I heard by them. It was weird because I still remember it… I didn’t really like the song back then but for whatever reason I bought the CD cuz’ I had a gift certificate. I really hated it when I first listened to it. But I kept listening to it and now they are one of my fave. Bands. Haha I still have the receipt from buying it. And them Maybe Memories well I don’t know really what it is. It’s not like their second CD cuz’ it’s got live stuff, demo’s and stuff and the DVD but yeah. It’s awesome the DVD… I love it so much. Like my fave part in the DVD is when they are showing when they were recording their self-titled CD and they’re in the studio with John Feldmann. He’s the one who produced their record and may other awesome bands records and also in an awesome band Goldfinger. And in the DVD John is saying something to the effect how he walked into his kitchen because they were recording at his house and the guys in the band (The Used- Bert, Branden, Jeph and Quinn) are taking out all the pots and pans out of the cupboards and their throwing them at Bert (vocals) to get him to scream harder. Like there’s just some really cool stuff on the DVD… its like an hour an 20 mins long or something I don’t know how long and it’s also got live stuff from L.A. which is also on the CD. Anyways haha I feel like im promoting it but yeah haha if you like The Used and even if you don’t I suggest you see it. It’s awesome. My fave part of the CD is the 9th track. Its called “Along For The Holiday”… I don’t know what it is about it but it’s great. I also really like “Sometimes I Just Go For It.” Oh yeah haha well I got more about the DVD and well it’s my journal so I’m gonna write about whatever I want and right now it’s gonna be The Used haha. The DVD also has their music videos…. including my fave video and song, “ The Taste Of Ink”… the best part in the video is probably the sign in the store that says UTAHCO! The band is from Orem, Utah… and they wanted to shoot the video in Utah but it would have cost too much so they did it in L.A. I believe and it’s got a UTAHCO sign in the store in the video. Well my parents just left so I had to go and get the speakers from upstairs so I can listen for the phone. Well I’m listening to the last song on the CD it’s the bonus track… “So Crazy” its great haha I found the bonus track probably a year after I had the CD haha actually someone I know from school told me about it. I was like holy shit it’s been there all along and I had no clue. Well it’s now like a half hour later… haha I went up to see what was on T.V. and then I found something so I watched it haha. Now my other Cd is long over and I’m listening to The CD part from Maybe Memories…. Haha I don’t know if that made much sense but to me it did. But oh well my journal… my thoughts. Well tomorrow if I get paid I wanna go to the movies. Most likely with Breanne if she wants to go haha… I really wanna see Without A Paddle. It looks really good and I like Matthew Lillard. I’ve seen both Matthew and Seth Green on the late shows talking about it and yeah haha. Well right now I’m listening to “ Along For The Holidays”… I could probably just listen to this song like all night. I wish my CD player had a repeat button… haha it probably does but I don’t know how to use it haha. I’m not too good with electronically programmed things. Well I’m gonna go look to see if I can find the thingy that it came with and maybe I can figure it out if it has a repeat button hah. So I didn’t find what I was looking for but hell I found something better. I bet your wondering what I found eh? Well is it just killing you not knowing? Haha this is fun… haha I found SUPER NINTENDO! I was looking for it a while ago and yay! I found it. I knew it was down here in the basement somewhere. I think I’m gonna get my dad to set it up for me maybe this weekend or something. I remember playing with it when I was probably 6 or 7 at my uncle’s house haha. Well I have Nintendo like the original system in my room haha its from like 1980 something haha. It’s so old but man I love playing Mario. Haha… I don’t play much anymore but I do occasionally. Me now listening to “Sometimes I Just Go For It,” totally awesome song preformed by Bert McCracken… vocals and well on this song piano. I don’t know what it is about this song but even for a song with no lyrics … just the piano it has this presence. CD is over now… now I’m listening to Taking Back Sunday… Where You Want To Be. Oh today was good…I saw the video for A Decade Under The Influence by TBS… It’s their 1st single off the CD… track number 3. The first song I heard from the CD. It’s on Warped Tour 2004 Compilation CD… Stage 2. Track number 5 I believe. The version from Warped and on their CD is slightly different… one word haha. But oh well I noticed it anyways… I also think that the one from Warped sounds more like The All-American Rejects and the one on their CD sounds more like TBS. It took me a while to get used to the new guys in the band… Fred and Matt. The replaced Shaun and John. It’s an awesome CD… haha I listen to it over and over some nights haha and others I switch between 4 CD’s I got while on vacation in B.C…. TBS, Sugarcult- Palm Trees, And Power Lines, Autopilot Off- Make A Sound and Anti- Flag- Underground Network. They are like my faves at the moment. Oh haha the TBS CD if you pop it into your computer as I did… there are come interviews with the guys and stuff you can watch…. It’s cool. My computer may not be the best but it does play my enhanced CD’s and I am very happy about that haha. It won’t play CD’s but it will play the enhanced part of it haha weird eh? Wow… I was just skimming this entry and I have said “ CD” several times haha. Haha most of these entries will be based on music as this one is. Hehe… I love my music as I think you might have realized by now haha. Bands I like are: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Story Of The Year, New Found Glory, Anti- Flag, Sugarcult, Blink 182,Box Car Racer, Brand New, Crowned King, Goldfinger, Lostprophets, MXPX, Rancid, The All American Rejects, The Ataris, Three Days Grace, Yellowcard, Autopilot Off, Finch, Flogging Molly, Transplants, The Clash, The Ramones, Mest, Wakefield, The Getaway, Crowned King, Billy Talent, Alkaline Trio, Allister, Authority Zero, Avoid One Thing, Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, Descendents, Letter Kills, Madcap, Matchbook Romance, Midtown, Millencolin, Name Taken, NOFX, Pennywise, Pulley, Rise Against, Senses Fail, Slick Shoes, Stairwell, Strike Anything, The Briggs, The Distillers, The Early November, The Matches, The Movie Life, The Starting Line, The Suicide Machines, The Unseen, Thursday, Tsunami Bomb, Jersey, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, Not By Choice, Sum 41, Trapt, Gob, Eve 6, A.F.I. this list as I guess you would call it is also found in my profile with some alterations haha I ran out of space so some bands had to be left out and some got short forms like Taking Back Sunday = TBS… magical eh? Haha I though so. Yay track number 6… probably my fave on the CD… New American Classic… it’s so different from them but man is it awesome. It’s got awesome lyrics like “Just ask the question come untie the knot. Say you won’t care. Say you won’t care. Retrace the steps as if we forgot.” Well I guess this should be enough by now haha. So I guess until next time. I’ll be seeing ya. Haha guess what found more to say… I’ve always found it interesting that when I have to do a school project like a book report I can never seam to have enough to say yet when I just do it for me I seam to just go on and on. I wonder why that is. I guess maybe it’s because I’m interested in it…. Like this is pretty much all about music… I think I know music pretty well… I know a bit about most of the bands I like. Tons about the bands that I really like and yeah. Okay well now I’m done. Well for now anyways. I never really new I had so much to really say. Like I know most of it’s probably just babble but yeah haha well I do tend to write longer e-mails haha I’m sure there’s a few out there that can definitely agree with me on that one but yeah haha. I guess I just find it easier to type whatever I’m feeling then to tell someone or even writing them on msn. Like I know a e-mail or writing in a journal is pretty much the same as msn messaging but I don’t know for me it feels totally different. I guess I can think more about what I’m gonna say and stuff but yeah haha. Me thinking lol eh? Hah well now I am going to go.
9:52 am
wOOT! Second journal entry!
Well this is my second entry isn’t that exciting... I bet eh? Haha well I was bored so I thought I’d write a bit. Well last night I couldn’t sleep well again… maybe it was because I wore jeans to bed but oh well… I couldn’t find any pj’s. Well I got up at 9 this morning … only because I have to baby-sit today. Well I just got back from taking my dog (Cashmere) for a walk and it’s pretty cold outside. So that was fun. Well right now I’m listening to Matchbook Romance- Promise. There pretty good… I like ‘em and there pretty hot haha, which is always a plus. Well nothing has really happened this morning yet… my CD player died. On my walk I took my CD player and I just put new batteries in and it DIED! It was horrible. Well I guess that’s it. I will probably write more when I get home later. I am now on msn talking to Brandyn... he asked me what was shakin.... (it was interesting)
Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
9:52 pm
Yay! I figured it out with a little help...
Well, this is my first entry in the journal thingy. Haha I have proven tonight that I need help when it comes to the computer haha. I had to get Brandyn to make it for me. Well yeah haha I love to type a lot and usually just babble on about usually nothing but oh well now everyone can read it. Haha... muahaha. Well today hmm today I babaysat. Well that was fun... for about an hour I had to hold onto the one kid because he wanted to like
kill his brothers. Umm well right now I'm on msn chatting to some people. Well right now I'm listening to Lostprophets... there newest CD Start Something. I got the CD a while ago now and I totally love it still. I hadn't listened to it in a while and thought I would tonight. Right now I'm lsitening to "To Hell We Ride". It great. WEll actually I listened to this CD I guess it was like last week now haha that night was stupid haha. Well yeah haha yesterday I went to the doctor's because of mya rm ( I ran into a wall about 7 months ago and now it's messed up). So I had to get x-rays done... and that hurt.. just cuz' of the way I had my arm so yeah. My arm still hurts now but oh well. I'll live with pain for a while. Nothing I haven't done before. Well right now I'm chatting with Brandyn... Mike and Gary. There all pretty cool I guess in their own ways haha. Well yeah that's about it.
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