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Well I don't know if I can top the previous entry. Haha Bill seamed pleased with it lol. (He's a cocky bastard). But anyways today at school guess what I did? Well going up the stairs I fell. :( Haha it was funny but yeah... only Josh saw me so that was good but he laughed at me... ( it hurt my feelings). Lol oh well it's only Josh anyways but yeah. Our school is retarted and gave all the guys Old Spice so the school smelt like crap all day. Umm... my head phones for my cd player died today so I took Brea's in science haha. Umm I've been working on my civics project and im sorta almost there haha. Well it's due in like 2 days so yeah haha I'll be doing the rest of it tomorrow night lol. Well that's all for now.
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