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Yo,Yo, Yo.... ( I'm not sure) I am extremely bored, and thought I'd update. I'll see if I can get better at this haha oh well anyways the other day me ana Manda went to the mall for like 5 frickin' hours. Haha that was boring haha well just being at the mall for so long isn't fun. We walked aorund for like 3 hours probabaly haha. And then last night she came over and we wanted Elf cuz I'd never seen it before. When the movie was does, we went outside and had a snowball fight except they wernt really snowballs haha. LAst night it snowed a tona nd we like like a foot and a half of snow. It looks so pretty outside hehe ( no matter what Wes thinks) I'm listening to Brand New and that's it.
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