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Alrighty, haven’t written in here in I’m not even sure how many days so here I go. Listening to AFI- The Days Of The Phoenix, off of this compilation CD I got on my trip during the summer. School it alrighty I guess, its all a bore, art is awesome tho, we will be finishing calligraphy tomorrow and yeah it’s cool. Umm… people are okay I guess at school. Some of which are wusses haha. But oh well, eventually I’ll talk to people I guess, maybe haha. It feels anymore that once I get over one thing another seams to come up. And nothing came up today. Left me sitting here with a pain in my stomach, I’m not sure if it was fear, pain, or what but there it was. I’ve given up on a lot of things lately cuz’ hell what’s the point anymore. It feels like every time I go to say something to someone there they are leaving. Umm yeah…. That’s it I guess.
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