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What’s up all? Well today is Sunday, blah school tomorrow but yeah that’s life I guess, right now I’m listening to The Used- Let It Bled. It’s a great song I really like it one of my faves on the CD.Well it’s almost 1. And I’ve been up for like an hour and a half or something. I folded some laundry this morning and watched TV. Umm yeah that’s about it. Now I’m down here cuz’ I was bored and yeah. I’m actually trying to find some lyrics for my art projects. It’s so hard haha, so many good lyrics I have no clue how I’ll ever decide but oh well. I’m sure I decide eventually. Well last night I played Tic- Tac- Toe again Josh and Brandyn, I lost both times. But yeah Brandyn totally whooped my ass haha, He won 15- 2 haha. Oh well at least when I played Josh it was 8-7. But oh well haha, I was gonna play against Adam but his computer was being really slow so yeah haha. I have gave up lol. Well yesterday was Saturday so yay! The Punk Show was on! Man I love that show hehe. Anyways, they played A.F.I.’s – The Days Of The Phoenix, I had never heard the song or seen the video and it was pretty good. Hunter looks really good in it, and Davey’s hair is pretty interesting haha. Jade looks awesome too and the effects on the video were pretty cool. They also played Blink 182 haha bringing it back to 95 with M&M’s haha. It’s crazy to think man Blink has been around for like 10 years, that video’s 9 years old and it’s crazy. The funniest video on the Punk Show last night would have to be The Exploited- New Sell Out. Haha, the singer in the band is wearing his own bands shirt. Who does that? Haha I thought it was pretty odd but then again I don’t like then but oh well. Probably my fave video of the show was Bouncing Souls- Anchors Aweigh. The video’s not all that old and it’s a not bad one, a little boring for me but meh and it’s a good song. Well today when I was watching TV. I saw the video by Hawk Nelson- California. I had heard of the band before but never heard anything by them. They’re not too bad either, and damn the band is hot. Always a nice plus in a band haha. Well I think that’s about it. Haha. Umm well I’ve been told my journal entries are like “stories” so that’s all folks.
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