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Well I haven’t done this thing for a while now. Haha oh well. Today is the 30th, last day of September, how crazy is that it’s October tomorrow. Well it’s Brandyn’s birthday. Happy Birthday Brandyn! Well what happened this week, on Tuesday I went to therapy and then went to the mall to get the new Used CD.Yay! It’s great. It’s so different tho. It look a few listens to like it but its rad. Umm well also on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, our car got stolen from my dad’s work. Whom ever did it totalled the car, smashed the windows, ripped the interior, and then drove it into a pond or ditch or something. Needless to say that’s the end of the silver car. The really crappy thing about it all is that my dad just put a new battery in it last week. If he hadn’t of done that then they wouldn’t have been able to steal it in the first place. But yeah anyways, the car got towed to my dad’s shop and yeah then he got to pay for that. All that’s left of that car that is salvageable is the tires and the battery. So yup, my dad took em. Well I’m not sure when the car was gonna be crushed but, yeah that’s its destiny if it already hasn’t been done. Well Wednesday I babysat, same with tonight and I will be tomorrow too. Today Breanne gave me a mix CD:D yay! It’s got Scotty Doesn’t Know on it. Which is hella rad. It’s got some other good songs on it too but haha that’s the best one lol. Well right now I’m listening to The Used. Well what else is there to say, hmm well Adam is good, man I love talking to him, and he’s awesome. Umm… Mike well that’s another story. He is driving me insane. Haha I’m gonna tell him I am moving or something and then say there is no computer there haha. I can’t stand him anymore. Umm who else do I chat with, hmm oh yeah Bill, haha he’s quite the person to chat to haha. He always seams to make me smile so I guess that’s good. I wrote him a story lol. I haven’t sent it to him yet lol, it even has pictures lol. I probably won’t send it to him but oh well haha. I was really bored. Well in English class we started Romeo and Juliet today. Umm in Careers were watching Remember The Titans, in art were doing Calligraphy, and in science umm were finishing our projects tomorrow I believe haha. Breanne and I are working together, and we have like not much done lol. Oh well. I have a 75% in that class right now which I think is pretty good considering I haven’t handed a few things in yet and I was always for 6 days. Today I was a video on Much Music… My Chemical Romance- Im Not Okay (I Promise) it’s a pretty good video and song. The guitarist and the bassist I believe it is haha I’m not totally sure but there hot haha. Well that is about it. Oh yeah haha I was cleaning my locker today haha 16 batteries in there lol. All used up too haha. School is so blah, the morning is great, it’s so easy and then the afternoon is like blah. Science is easy but hell it’s a lot of writing. Our teacher is messed. And then English is like blah haha I should probably change to applied like I wanted but being sick and all fucked things up. So yeah, well now I’m bitching about school, whoa. That’s it then.
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