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Wow, that was weird lol I just ate a Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cup and there were 3 of the little tray things on it. I don’t know lol I found it interesting lol. Well I’ve gotten pretty bad at updating this thing. Oopsie oh well, I don’t think too many people read it anyways. But for those who might haha the best episode of Undergrads was on last night, on teletoon at 10:30pm. It was the “risk” episode. It had a cameo form Good Charlotte in it. They did the theme songs for it by the way haha. I’ve seen that episode so many times and it’s awesome hehe. Well I went to school today and part of yesterday. I babysat after school and did homework when I got home, watched some T.V. did the dishes and then came down here to the computer room to finish my other homework. I finished most of it right now and still need to do a summary. But I’ll do that when I go up at 10. Well tomorrow is picture day. Great, super, wow, how I am so not caring lol, I hated my picture from last year L so maybe I’ll have a better one this year. But oh well. I burnt my tongue yesterday on soup and it’s messed right now haha. I’m so the brightest crayon. Lol, but oh well. I guess I should take my pills now so that’s what me gonna go do. Well right now I’m listening to The Used- their self-titled album. Their new album comes out in T minus 6 days: D:D:D:D:D:D
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